Jeremy Berriault


A thought leader with over 25 years of experience in multiple technology industries and disciplines. His primary focus is on increasing value through coaching, teaching, or collaborative environment by using the following guiding principles in all initiatives: quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

A problem lover helps organizations determine the root cause and identify the right solution for them. Unlike others that will treat symptoms where frustrations are alleviated for a short time only to rise again when issues resurface, He goes in deep with surgical precision to find the true cause and help create a lasting solution for everyone.

He believes that value is not as hard to find as most think. It is a matter of finding the right path for each team, department and organization. As an agilist, he treats every client differently; the reason? There isn't one playbook for all, and once the right path is found, the journey becomes easier. Whether it is an agile transformation, creating an Enterprise Quality Assurance Strategy, coaching, or training, he believes in ensuring everyone succeeds, and the organization is set up for continuous growth.

He has successfully worked with organizations to improve strategies in Quality Assurance and Agile that exceed their needs.

His organization has won the 2020 Best Emerging Agile Consultancy - Canada by Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards.
Member Since Jan 18, 2021